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First State House With A Bar?

Ohio is is debating putting a bar in the basement of the statehouse.  That would be a political first.  Of course, it has been met with immediate criticisms for all the reasons you can possibly imagine.

Let’s break down this issue a bit.  Currently, there is a cafeteria/restaurant in the bottom of the statehouse.  (Just built, alcohol free.)  The catering company that built and pays rent on the place, thought it might be a good idea to sell some suds, offset the cost of rent/produce extra state revenue.  Lawmakers leave the statehouse everyday and hit up bars around Columbus.

But what about the children???

This issue has been raised that with so many school kids and tours roaming the capitol building, it would send a bad message.  Maybe, but the bar wouldn’t serve during business/legislative hours.


This is the absolutely wrong time economically to turn down revenue.  A few beers to help pay for police/fire/sanitation/teachers? Plus the 1996 renovation to the statehouse is still being paid off.

Alcohol and Politics.

Alcohol and politics are all but married to each other.  There are many lawmakers offices that have liquor and beer in plain view.  Beer and wine is prevalent in late night sessions in state & even Congressional sessions.  Opening a bar at 5 pm might keep the lines of communication open between partisans.  I’m a firm believer that a lot of issues in life can be solved over a beer.

A statehouse bar is thinking outside of the box for sure, with potentially large rewards financially and politically.  Next up should be the statehouse brewpub. Left wing/Right Wing Ales.  The onus is on lawmakers to behave. And keep their cars out of the Chappaquiddick er… Ohio River. [ABCNews]

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