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Firestone Walker’s Rep’n Da 805

Firestone 805

Firestone Walker’s 805 Ale celebrates all things local.  805 is the area code that serves the brewery’s home of Paso Robles, California.  805 split off of the Los Angeles area code in 1957.

What will 805 might be you might ask?  Literally as I’m writing this, the info shows up on my desk.


“805” tap handles will be showing up in bars across the 805 area code.

The Central Coast brewery, Firestone Walker, which has been making a version of the beer available in its pub for several years, brews the blonde ale.

“We had been making this beer for a while and you can find it in a few bars, usually given a unique name by one of the locals… but then people learned that it was ours and kept asking for us to release it,” said David Walker, co-owner of the brewery. “So we decided to listen to them, the first step was to christen the beer ‘the 805’, and to make it available widely in bars with an 805 area code. Next we’ll release bottles in the spring on the Central Coast simply trying to keep it local.”

Those that have tried 805 before, recognize it by its golden color, light and crisp carbonation and slightly sweet aroma. If you’re new to the beer you’ll find that the honey flavor is noticeable on the palate but not overpowering, making this a clean, sessionable Ale that is the perfect fit for after surfing, hiking or just a hot day in Paso Robles.

The beer was a recipient of a bronze medal at the European Beer Star Awards in 2010, which has lent it a reputation in beer circles as well as being a favorite with Central Coast locals.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company was founded in 1996 and is located in Paso Robles, Ca.  The brewery prides itself in producing the world’s finest pale ales to a regional market.  Firestone is the only brewery to be awarded Best Mid-sized Brewery honors three times at the 2003, 2007 and 2011 Great American Beer Festivals as well as World Beer Cup Champion for a Mid-sized Brewery at the 2004, 2006 and 2010 World Beer Cup competitions.

Availability: Draft only now, 12oz bottles later in 2012.

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