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Fat Tire’s Joy Ride

In honor of New Belgium Brewing’s 20th Anniversary, Fat Tire is going on a joy ride.  Through Labor Day 2011, Fat Tire headlines a Joyride Campaign focusing on stories about the beer’s history; both in enjoyment and in brewing process.  The Joyride campaign leads up to a big surprise in June – and the release of New Belgium’s Fat Tire inspired release of Super Cru.  New labels will accompany the promotion – the infamous tire slowing leaving the Fat Tire labels, only to return loaded up from the Joy Ride.  (Or for the Joyride?)

Check out the promotion site —> Joy Ride 2011

Full Press Release:

FT. COLLINS, CO — New Belgium Brewing announced today that the Fort Collins brewer of Fat Tire will take a Joy Ride through Labor Day 2011 in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

A folding Mad Magazine style print campaign kicks off the first half of the celebration, followed by interactive Fat Tire story sharing with fans and the release of a New Belgium Super Cru in June. The initial print campaign focuses on the inherent tension of creating the famously well-balanced Fat Tire.

“It’s the hardest beer for us to make,” laments New Belgium Brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert. “The hop/malt balance required makes me pull out what little hair I have left… [but] the Belgian inspiration, the elegance — it’s worth every ounce of frustration.”

In the same two-page spread (the first ever from New Belgium), CEO and co-founder Kim Jordan reflects on Fat Tire’s early success.

“We began by taking mixed cases of homebrew to parties,” Jordan recalls. “Fat Tire was the go-to beer even then.”

The first half of the Joy Ride campaign focuses on New Belgium co-worker Fat Tire stories, including a series of mail-able postmaster cards and online video content. In June, New Belgium plans a surprise showstopper — stay tuned! ­— and fans will be encouraged to submit their stories for a chance to win a 20th anniversary Fat Tire cruiser bike.

One of the most tangible manifestations of the celebration will be the June release of New Belgium Super Cru — a riff on the classic Fat Tire that is still in development.

“Getting to reimagine Fat Tire is an exciting opportunity,” Bouckaert mused. “Do we go big and hoppy? Maybe sour? Add fruit? I do not know yet. It will be something memorable and probably it will make us crazy getting there.”


3 thoughts on “Fat Tire’s Joy Ride

  1. Wow, I thought I was getting reallly buzzed when the bike started moving across the label……… far I have 4 of the six and drinking hard to get the last two LOL

  2. I had my first Fat Tire several years ago at a business conference. I bought a case of it and tried to bring home the remaining bottles. At the airport, my luggage was overweight by 6 lbs. Instead of throwing away Fat Tire, I threw away my shirts and socks. The agent asked if they made beer where I was from. I answered, “They don’t make Fat Tire!”


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