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Expansion #7 For Thomas Creek

Thomas Creek

Expansion #7 for Thomas Creek Brewing.  The mentioned they are currently working adding extra room to accommodate

For the seventh time since our inception, Thomas Creek Brewery is expanding!  We are currently brewing at max capacity, and as a result, have ordered three new fermenters, and one new finishing tank.  This new equipment will enable the brewery to expand the Thomas Creek and private label brands.

As part of the growing process, we have three new private label beers in production.  These beers include Hatuey, Monday Night Brewing, and O’Dempsey’s.  Check with your local retailer to find these great brews!

In addition, we are pleased to welcome new hires Ben, Bo, Casey, Danny, John, and Josh to the Thomas Creek team!

2 out of 3 of those breweries are Atlanta based. Monday Night is close to launch, O’Dempsey’s recently changed from contract brewing at Red Brick To Thomas.  More on Hatuey here…