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Ever Seen A Hotdog Eating Competition Up Close? [PICS]

We are inching closer to July 4th, and that brings one of America’s most cherished pastimes – the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Con Leading up to each competition, George and Richard Shea host preliminary contests around America. Professionals and amateurs alike can enter the the prelim for a shot at taking on the current record holder, Joey Chestnut, who ate a full 68 hotdogs.

Cypress Street Pint & Plate in Atlanta, Georgia was the scene for one of the qualifiers on June 15th. George Shea was on hand to run the con Competitors had 10 minutes to eat as many Nathan’s Hotdogs as possible. Beer Street Journal got to judge the competition, and luckily didn’t get puked on. Cypress has a long list of Shmaltz/Coney Island beers on hand to wash down the very conservative amount of hotdogs everyone else ate. The winner (we lost  his name) polished off 38 freaking hotdogs. Ever seen one of these competitions up close? Take a look at the action, and the aftermath. Who looks like they will puke the most?  Watch the finals on July 4th on ESPN.

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