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eBay: 2012 Dark Lord $60, Barrel Aged $250+

It’s the Monday after 3 Floyds Dark Lord Day 2012.  On Saturday the Indiana brewery released the highly rated Russian imperial stout.  In a matter of hours, bottles of both the regular Dark Lord and its barrel aged variants were found on EBay.  (I’m pretty sure I saw one post pop up while someone was still AT the Dark Lord Day event.)

So how much will a bottle cost you now?  Currently, the average cost of a regular Dark Lord is in the neighborhood of $60 dollars.  Up from $15 at the event.  (300%+ increase.)  The price of barrel aged editions of Dark Lord are running even higher.  If the bottle numbers are any indication, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 or more bottles produced across 4 different barrel treated editions.
If you got the chance to purchase a bottle of the BA Dark Lord, it was $50 dollars.  Average cost per bottle is near $250 on the auction site (in some cases higher).  That’s a 500% market up over “retail” price.  But hey, free shipping!

One thought on “eBay: 2012 Dark Lord $60, Barrel Aged $250+

  1. its called free market. consumers will either pay the inflated price or they wont; that is their choice. There is a difference between cost and value. I waited in line for 7 hours, paid $60 to get two tickets, drove 4 hours and paid over 60 in gasoline. The $50 bottle of variant I won (vanilla bean) definitely cost more than $50. I wouldn’t sell it for less than 400. I’m also not trying to sell it and will drink it one day.

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