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Dundee Summer Wheat Returns (PR)

ROCHESTER, NY — Warm temperatures and long summer nights: the perfect reason to ditch the oven and heat up the
grill.  Grilling season has arrived and that means Dundee Summer Wheat is back. The limited‐release, American‐Style
Hefeweizen will be available now through July; but this summer, Dundee Ales & Lagers is offering more than just
great beer. We’ve teamed up with Dundee lead brewer Jim McDermott to provide craft beer drinkers with creative
summer grilling tips and food pairings to complement Dundee’s signature Summer Wheat brew.  
“Dundee Summer Wheat is the perfect grilling beer. It’s versatile and a great compliment to any meal,” McDermott

This season, McDermott recommends pairing Dundee Summer Wheat with grilled salmon. “Drizzle a little lemon
butter, garlic, and salt and pepper on a piece of fresh salmon and grill to perfection,” said McDermott. “The citrusy
hop notes will complement the tangy salmon flavors nicely.”
McDermott also suggests pairing Summer Wheat with fresh mussels. “Summer Wheat goes particularly well with
mussels because it complements nearly any style or preparation of the shellfish,” said McDermott. “Not only does it
pair nicely, but it can be used in the recipe preparation as well.” McDermott recommends Dundee Summer Wheat
Steamed Mussels.  

Non‐seafood lovers are also in luck. Dundee Summer Wheat pairs nicely with a variety of salads. McDermott suggests
coupling Summer Wheat with one of your favorite summer salads. “It can be difficult to find the right beer to drink
while eating a salad,” said McDermott.  “Throughout the summer, we have a large variety of salads, including
everything from fruit, to spinach, to Caesar, to garden. Dundee Summer Wheat handles these variations well because
of the mildly spicy wheat and rye combination, in correlation with the citrusy hop notes.”For a refreshing flavor, McDermott crafts Summer Wheat with 40 percent wheat in the grain bill, a touch of rye malt and aroma hops. Typical of American Wheat style, the beer has a cloudy appearance, and a rich, frothy head. The
unique recipe results in a beer with a complex, but light flavor, citrusy aroma and crisp finish.  

Dundee Ales & Lagers brews and releases four seasonal beers for a limited time throughout the year.  Summer
Wheat will be followed by the return of Oktoberfest this fall and a new addition to the seasonal line‐up this winter.
The seasonal specialties will be available on draft at bars and restaurants, and in six‐packs at convenience and
grocery stores across the United States. Dundee Summer Wheat rates 18 on the International Bittering Units scale
and is 4.5 percent ABV, making it easy to drink and a perfect addition to summer parties, picnics and outdoor events.
To find Dundee beers in‐store or at your neighborhood bar or restaurant, use the Dundee Beer Finder online.

About Dundee Brewing Company
Dundee Brewing Company is based in Rochester, New York. The Dundee Brewing Company is part of North American
Breweries, which also owns Labatt USA and the Genesee Brewery and a perpetual license for Seagram’s Escape.
Please visit or for more information.  
Dundee Ales & Lagers is a family of craft beers which includes the year‐round IPA and a full line of limited‐edition
seasonal releases, as well as two variety packs released in the spring and fall

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