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More Duff Beer, This Time Australia

The iconic beer from The Simpsons is coming to Australia. The beer will be launched in a pop-up Moe’s Tavern at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel on May 23rd in Sydney.

Over the past few years there been imitations of Duff Beer, not licensed by the Fox Broadcasting Company. Currently, Florida Beer Company brews licensed Duff Beer for the Simpsons Theme Park in Florida.

Duff Beer is launching down under as a true premium lager that holds a clean, crisp and refreshing taste along with its iconic packaging. A superbly crafted lager, Duff Beer is a high quality, traditional beer with a perfect balance of flavour and refreshment featuring a deep golden colour with caramel aromatics and a hint of fruit.

Beer Street Journal has reached out to the PR company behind the new launch. More details on the brewery behind this offering to follow…