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DuClaw Hop Continuum No 4 is… “hop forward”

DuClaw Hop Continuum No 4

DuClaw Hop Continuum No 4 makes a hoppy appearance in June. The brewery means it when they say hop forward.

We’ll have to invent new adjectives to describe this monster, because “hop forward” is a tragic understatement! Intensely hoppy in both flavor and aroma, this full-bodied triple IPA is dominated by huge citrus, floral, and spicy notes that barely mask a warming alcohol presence.

DuClaw Hop Continuum No 4 is a draft and 12 ounce bottle limited release.

Style: Imperial IPA
Hops: Apollo, Equinox, Nugget, Mandarina Bavaria
Malts: Pale, Vienna, CaraFoam

Release: June, 2016

11% ABV, 100 IBUs