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Duck Duck Ouch. Round 2

We really feel for Lost Abbey. They make a pretty amazing beer by the name of Duck Duck Gooze. It takes a full three years to produce. Because of that, there aren’t a whole lot of bottles to go around. The problem – selling them.

Lines for beer releases are time consuming and get crazy. Then there is the proxy/beer mule situation, where folks want to stack their cellars, or trade.

So.. for the one every three years release, the brewery uses their e-commerce platform, run by Nexternal. On Tuesday, the site crashed with the fans frantically clicking and refreshing the store. That… got ugly fast.

After postponing the online sale until today, Nexternal shit the bed again. The link didn’t go live on time. Guess what happened… the “fans” of the brewery turned on Lost Abbey once again. Here is a smattering of the hatred, mean comments, and entitlement that the brewery had to deal with today. They communicated every step, and apologized profusely. It fell on deaf ears.

Lost Abbey did an amazing job despite the onslaught. Wish we could buy you a beer. 

Honestly, Instagram comments were even uglier. Sad world.

Update. After three site crashes, Lost Abbey has decided to cancel all the orders, and refund everyone’s money. They are going to reset over the weekend and find a strong, fair, solution.

As you can imagine, the comments just got uglier.

I’m not getting my rare beer, so I’m going destroy everything

Refresh SO HARD.

Don’t be dumb and buy beer.

A Internet Lesson offer

Lunch on Lost Abbey.

Give everyone free bottles

Heartless brewery just wants your money.

Sick burn.

Then Lost Abbey attempted to use Brown Paper Tickets...

And… Brown Paper Tickets crashed. Behold the power of the beer geek.

That’s thinking outside the box.


Russian River fan.

Finally, Lost Abbey went to Eventbrite. This says it all.

 See!! All is well!! 

Oh shit.

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  1. Maybe it was oversold, maybe it wasn’t. It sure seems like they are just avoiding the transaction fee and tax that they forgot to add on. I also don’t believe that Eventbrite crashed, that’s just smoke. These guys can’t be trusted.

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