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Drunkorexia Is Dangerous

Drunkorexia is the non-medical term for not eating before a night of drinking.   The empty stomach isn’t because someone forgot to eat before they went out.  Drunkorexia is intentionally act of foregoing eating to save the calories before drinking to avoid weight gain.

Studies on college campuses in North Carolina, Missouri, & Texas find as many as 21% of students have admitted to not eating before nights of drinking to spare calories.   Female drinkers do this more often then male drinkers.  Celebrities like Amy Winehouse (dead from alcohol poisoning) and Lindsay Lohan have been called (or called themselves) “drunkorexics” in the past.

Restricting calories can limit the necessary nutrition the body needs.  The effect of alcohol can be amplified on an empty stomach.  Longterm drunkorexia can damage cognitive functioning, both while drinking and long after the night ends.   A word to the wise – eat before you booze it up.  Your body will thank you for it.  [StarPress]