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Drunk Man Cuts Off His Penis in Fight with Girlfriend

In a story you’d almost wish was made up, a drunken Taiwanese man cut off his own penis in a fight with his girlfriend. The 46 year old man got into a brouhaha with his girlfriend, and thought revenge means cutting off his penis AND testicles with a pair of scissors. Pause for sympathy pain. Just wait, it gets better.

He then flushed the severed willy down the toilet. (Yeah, why stop while you’re ahead right??)

Passing out from blood loss, his girlfriend (for now???) rushed her Mensa candidate boyfriend to the hospital. Apparently there is a little over an inch left of his manhood. He is still able to pee. Doctors say the could have reattached it if he hadn’t chose to bury it at sea.

There. Are. No. Words.