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Don’t get drunk, break into a zoo, and pet a tiger

Drinking is fun. Like, really fun. We do it all the time. For most people, there are limited setbacks from a day night of drinking. (Maybe a bad hangover, or a regretful 2 am Taco Bell run).

Then… there are people that get drunk, break into a zoo, and try to pet a tiger. A freaking tiger.

The Washington Post reports that Omaha, Nebraska’s tiger Mai, is most famous for having a 3 legs after losing one to a poacher’s trap in the wild in Gambang, Malaysia. Now she is known for the harsh warning she gave to 33 year old¬†Jacqueline Eide.

Around 7 am on Sunday, Eide somehow got into a secured area of the zoo, and stuck her delicious, meaty, drunken hand into the cage to pet Mai. The result is exactly what mother nature would have told Eide, had she drunk dialed her instead of going all covert ops on the zoo animals.

According to various news reports, this lady has a history of incredible decisions, including DUIs (at least 3), public vandalism, and now criminal trespass.

The bite is so bad, she could lose some fingers. No word if that is her drinking hand.