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Dogfish Release Update – 2/21

Dogfish Johnny CaskDogfish Head just updating their release schedule as we go deeper into 2012…

Howdy Folks… we’ve had a busy beer release year so far (and it is barely even 2 months old)! In addition to our seven year round releases and Namaste we added Tweason’ale and Noble Rot so far this year. We also put out the test batch for Positive Contact, the next beer in our Music Series which will roll into distribution later this year!

Since we have so much coming at ya, we thought we’d give a little update here!

Please note: the below dates are estimates as to when our beers will be appearing on retail shelves & taps based on when we begin shipping to our wholesalers across the country. Due to scheduling and distance, some releases take a few days to hit shelves and some take a few weeks. As our beers begin hitting retail shelves and taps in the markets where we currently sell, they should begin appearing on the Fish Finder. The Fish Finder is a database that shows where our beers have been delivered in the past 60 days. As a reminder, it is always best to call ahead before travelling to any retailer. Cheers!

Current/pending releases:

120 Minute IPA: Should have begun hitting retail last week (2/13/12)

My Antonia: Should begin hitting retail this week (2/20/12)

Red & White: Should begin hitting retail next week (2/27/12)

Aprihop: Should begin hitting retail March 1st.

75 Minute IPA: Should begin hitting retail the week of 3/12/12.

Chateau Jiahu: Should begin hitting retail the week of 3/12/12.

Saison du BUFF (our version): Should begin hitting retail the week of 3/12/12.