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Dogfish Head Ta Henket

Back on at the brewpub in Milton, Delaware is another interesting beer from Dogfish Head.  They have brewed it once before.  Ta Henket is the name, another beer meets archeology and history.  If you watched the Brew Masters series, you saw Sam and friends travel to Egypt in the episode “Ancient Ales.”  The yeast comes from Egypt, along with some very interesting ingredients.

DFH Backstory:
Working with our archeologist friend Dr. Pat McGovern, this beer was created to incorporate the ancient ingredients and techniques described in Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was brewed to 11.4Plato with Emmer (an ancient form of wheat) and loaves of hearth baked bread and flavored with dom-palm fruit, chamomile, and zatar. Fermentation was carried out by a native Egyptian saccharomyces yeast strain captured by Sam and Floris during a recent trip to Egypt.

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale
Availability: Draft only at the brewpub. 12/1/11: Now Shipping on Bottles!

5% ABV