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Dogfish Head Notes For The Interested

A few tidbits about Dogfish Head from Sam Calagione:

– Currently, 600 bbl bright tanks & 2 new 600 barrel fermenters are being installed
– A new mill is also being added. Taking capacity from 700 barrels to 900 barrels.
– Dogfish will package & distribute 34 different distinct beers in 2011.
– Black & Red was a fun surprise, draft only in limited markets.
– Hellhound On My Ale, the bluesy tribute to Robert Johnson will see larger distribution.  It’s a super hoppy imperial IPA w/ lemon.  No mention of when it’s released, but assumption is late May-June, 2011.  <Blogfish>

Projects may be chugging along but we are certainly not chugging the corporate-world koolaide that a brewery should focus only on a few flagship products. We don’t make ‘products’ we make beer. Beautiful, diverse beers. And we will package and distribute over 34 of these distinct beers this year. Not all of them will appeal to everyone. And that’s a beautiful thing because beauty is in the eye of the beer holder not in the pocketbook of the brewery with the largest advertising budget. The consumer has spoken and the consumer demands choice. So we are responding to that hell-yeah with a couple hell-yeahs of our own…