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Dogfish Head Land Purchase Annoys Locals

Dogfish Head recently purchased 4 parcels of land in “Cannery Village” the land development adjacent to the brewery in Milton, Delaware.  DFH is asking for the land to be zoned to light industrial.  So what’s the big deal?

The land purchase, spanning 43.5 acres, is about 1/3 of Cannery Village.  If zoned to industrial and used by Dogfish, it would result in the loss of 170 homebuilds. Ok?

Fewer homes means less money that would go to the homeowner’s association, that would maintain the on site recreation center.  Yearly upkeep is close to $80,000.  The homes that do remain would be forced to pay a larger share of the $80K.

The only thing Dogfish has planned for the site is a warehouse for storage, covering just 1/2 an acre.  [DelmarvaNow]