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DC Brau’s The Stone of Arbroath Takes Aim at Spring

DC Brau (Washington, D.C.) is planning a limited release scotch ale. Expect this malty scot in the spring of 2013.

Stone of Arbroath has a rich, sweet malty aroma with mellow notes of plum and brown sugar. The mouthfeel has a “mineral-like” softness with highlights of deep caramelized malt derived from a 90 min boil which encourages caramelizing of dense wort sugars complemented by a subtle roast character that finishes with a mild acridity that pleasantly coats ones mouth. Coming in at a warming and subdued 8% ABV it will definitely ruffle many a kilt this spring.

Style: Scotch Ale
Availability: 22 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

8% ABV

“For centuries the Drosten Stone has remained shrouded in mystery. Scholars can not agree on the ancient origin of the rock. The inscription “DROSTEN: IPEUORET [E]TTFOR CUS is just as much of an enigma as the stone itself. This beer, as well, is such a conundrum. Please don’t ponder it’s existence for centuries as you would assuredly go insane. Just be happy that it exists.”