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Creature Comforts Doubling Capacity, More Can Distribution Soon

Creature Comforts (Athens, GA) has two 12oz cans in market close to home,  Athena and Tropicalia. Pallets of the both offerings are selling as fast as the brewery’s 40 can per minute line will produce.

The brewery is increasing their fermentation capacity starting this week (mid-February.)

Even though Creature Comforts hasn’t been open a year yet, the brewery will soon max out at 4,000 barrels a year (124,000 gallons.) The tanks that are hitting the the brewery floor now will increase capacity to 8,000 barrels annually.

Blake Tyers of Creature Comforts tells Beer Street Journal that the new tanks are earmarked for can production (just to keep the supply up.) The extra capacity will help with supplying the city of Atlanta, who are all but demanding the fresh cans. Currently, the timeline for Atlanta to receive cans is by the end of March, 2015.

Even though the 8,000 barrels gives Creature Comforts some growing room, Tyers laments – that might not last very long.

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