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Miller Announces Launch of Coors Light Summer Brew

MillerCoors officially announces the launch of Coors Light Summer Brew today. The brewery has infused citrus flavors into the light beer for a “summery” taste.

“Summer is too short and we know that when it finally arrives, our guys have a lot they’re trying to fit into each day,” said Sarah Ross, senior director of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. “We wanted to roll out some new ways to really up the refreshment factor and grab the attention of beer drinkers. It doesn’t stop with the new seasonal flavor; our cutting-edge design series this year has people looking twice and the ‘Splash’ packaging builds on this excitement.”

Coors Light Summer Brew will be available for a limited time in 12 packs of 10 ounce cans featuring the “splash” design.¬†Expect a deluge of commercials like the one below. You’ll notice a trend starting. The largest U.S. brewers will bring more one-off flavors, and seasonals to compete with the craft beer industry.

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