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COMING SOON: SweetWater “Mean Joe Bean”

The next up in SweetWater Brewing’s Dank Tank is an imperial porter dubbed “Mean Joe Bean”.  The peeps over at SweetWater are keeping it local by using coffee from Java Vino in Poncey-Highlands in Atlanta.   JavaVino is not your usual coffee house.  They are the “evolution of the traditional coffee house”.  JV combines two beverage flavor adventures under one roof – coffee & wine.

JavaVino offers coffee & wines all over the world and boasts a true “seed-to cup experience”.  Their favorite beans are grown by Heddy Kühl the co-owner’s family in Nicaragua.  The Kühl Family picks the coffee beans, exports, imports, roasts and brews them on site at Java Vino.

SweetWater and Java Vino are bringing you a  true bean-to beer experience.  The beans in Mean Joe Bean are from JV’s “Dirty Nekkid” series, specifically – “Dirty Nekkid Man”.  Dubbed “Nekkid” (the Southern derivation of “naked”) because  the natural sugar isn’t stripped off the beans in the natural process.  The result is a semi-sweet, bold cup off coffee.

Something even more interesting about this new Dank Tank release is that the beans were actually soaked in the whirlpool for about 5 minutes, really enhancing the coffee flavor.  I’m already thirsty for it.

Style: Imperial Porter

Arrival: February 2011

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