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Colorado to make session beer illegal?

Here in Georgia we are currently trying to sort out the cryptic beverage laws that cover the sale of growlers.  Colorado, a bastion of craft beer in the United States is having to decipher its on weird laws.  Apparently it is illegal to sell beer LESS than 4% abv.  You read that correctly.  LESS than 4%.

The law stems back to an antiquated pre-prohibition statute that was mean to make it harder to alcohol to flow post prohibition in the State of Colorado.  The beer at time was 4% or less.  Lawmakers at the time weren’t considering an Avery Mephistopheles imperial stout when the law was inacted.

A new revision to that law passed in 2009, requires the laws surrounding the sale of beer & liquor to be followed EXACTLY as written.  Which would make it illegal to sell beer less than 4% or session beer in bars & restaurants illegal.  Ain’t laws grand?

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