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Cigar City 110K+ OT Batch 5

This is the 5th iteration of Cigar City Brewing’s 110K + OT.  Each release is a different style, at the whim of the brewing team.  The releases (in order) 1: Smoke Beer, 2: Russian Imperial Stout, 3: Imperial IPA, & 4: Imperial Red Ale.  The beer comes with a reminder – you don’t deserve this…

Sometimes a lot isn’t nearly enough.  For the times when a lot plus bit more is called we proffer the 110K+OT series. T his 5th iteration of 110K+OT series.  This 5th interation of 110K+OT is a 25 OG, 5 FG, 11% ABV 5 SRM sort of brew.  If you don’t know what all that jargon means the gist of it this;  its more than you deserve.  A lot more.  And a little more than that too.  If you require further explanation about what 110K + OT means, go to , create an account and ask in all capital letters “WHAT IS 110K + OT?”

Style:    (Brewed w/ curacao peel)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

11% ABV