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Check Out Short Brewing’s [Lengthy] Limited Release List

Short’s Brewing Company (Bellaire, MI) has released their upcoming beer lineup for 2014. In addition their year round and seasonal lineup. Be ready for a lengthy limited release list. We thought you’d be interested to read this. Remember, this is just the limited release list.

Empress Catherine Early January

Publican Porter  Mid January

Goodnight Bodacious  Early February

Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout Mid February

Freedom of ’78 Late February

Superfluid Early March

Hopstache  Mid March

Bludgeon Yer Eye Early April

Alien Einstein  Mid April

Anniversary Ale  Early May

Cinnabilly  Mid May

Prolonged Enjoyment Late May

Key Lime Pie Early June

India Spruce Pilsner Late June

MMMKay Early July

Strawberry Short’s Cake Mid July

Cerveza De Julie Early August

Wowee Zowee Mid August

Noble Chaos Early September

White Falcon Early September

Lil Wheezy Mid September

Kind Ale Early October

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Early October

The Curl Mid October

Evil Urges Early November

Stellar Ale Mid November

Liberator Late November

Aphasia Early December

Fan’s Choice Mid December