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Changes at 16 Mile Brewery Including Expansion

16 Mile Brewing Company, Georgetown, DE, is a session style brewery that started two years ago in a 100 year old barn by Chad Campbell and Brett McCrea.  The name dates back to the late 1700’s when the Georgetown area was considered to 16 miles from anywhere and was a great place for farmers, merchants, etc. to go to conduct their business.  The area is rich in Delaware history, so expect to see that come through in/on their beers.

16 Mile Brewing Company has a lot going on these days.  First, they are switching their bottle style from 22oz. aluminum bottles to 12oz. brown glass bottle six packs.  The new six packs and new tap handles are designed to look like the bricks you see many of the local building built with.

Second, they are introducing a new beer to their lineup called Inlet I.P.A.  Inlet is an English IPA that clocks in at 6.1%ABV.

Third, and perhaps most exciting, 16 Mile Brewing Company will soon be breaking ground on an expansion that will double the size of the brewery.  Addtional tanks & cold storage will be added as well as a bar and retail area.  They have pledged to increase the brewery 10 fold over the next few years.

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  1. Was at this place 3 weeks ago… and they could definitely use a remodel/expansion. You walk into the brewery through a screen door. They told me the place used to be a chicken house.

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