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Celebrity Home Brewer: Wil Wheaton

Celebrity home brewer!  Wil Wheaton.  You might know him from Stand By Me, or Star Trek The Next Generation.  More recently, Wheaton has made appearances as Sheldon’s nemesis on The Big Bang Theory.  (The banter is some of the best on the show.)  Besides the acting gig, Wil has gotten into homebrewing.  By the looks of it, an all grain batch of Stone Pale Ale.

Ten days later, I racked the beer into a carboy to clear. Ten days after that, I bottled just over four and one-half gallons of my very own Stone Pale Ale. I checked my final gravity before I added my priming sugar, and may have scared my dogs (and all my neighbors’ dogs) with the victory scream I let out when I saw that the final gravity was 1.015, exactly where the recipe said it should be. I did some math (math is hard) and calculated the ABV to 5.5%, exactly where it should be. 

Now, I’m playing the waiting game again until around December 12th, when I’ll be able to open my first bottle of this beer and find out if the final is as close to where it should be as it’s been every step of the way. 

And you thought he couldn’t be any cooler.  More on his brewing adventures [TypePad, @wilw]

pic via scrapetv