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California: 245 Breweries, Lowest Consumption Per Person

Who has the highest brewery to person ratio in the country?  If you think about state population, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise.  The Street did a little research, here’s what they came up with:

Vermont: 16 breweries produced 1.4 million barrels last year.  That’s 1 brewery for every 82,000 people.  Consumption: 32.7 gallons a year per person.  Highest in U.S.

Montana:  27 breweries produced 1 million barrels last year.  The ratio of brewery to person is one of the highest – 1 for every 37,000 people.  Consumption: 30.5 gallons a year per person.

Vermont: 21 breweries produced just over a half a million a year.  That’s a 1 brewery for every 30,000 people.

California: This is interesting.  245 breweries produced 22 million barrels a year.  Consumption? The lowest in the U.S. per person, at just 18.5 gallons a year.  There is A LOT of Cali beer sold everywhere in the U.S.

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