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Calfkiller & Budweiser Resolve Issues

Last week, Calfkiller Brewing got into a kerkuffle with Anheuser-Busch.  The small Tennessee brewery purchased kegs from various auctions, and brewery closures to use in production.  Sounds good right? Not until Anheuser-Busch goes in to reclaim their kegs.

It’s easy to see both sides of this issue.  Calfkiller buys used kegs from what they consider legit sources.  A-B says “hey! That’s stolen property bro!”  The attempt to take back the supposedly “stolen” kegs ruffled the feathers of Calfkiller.

The brewery [Calfkiller] announced over the weekend that the issue has been resolved.  They will not lose any kegs after this incident.

We are very pleased to announce the keg issue with Budweiser has been resolved, and we are losing NO KEGS! Thank you fans for your support, and THANK YOU BUDWEISER!!

Good to see things can be worked out amicably.

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