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Burial Beer ceases South Carolina distribution

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Asheville, North Carolina based Burial Beer Co. will no longer distribute to South Carolina. The reason isn’t completely clear.

In a statement today, Burial had this to say: 

Despite having a stellar relationship with our distributor and the independent retailers in SC, state law prevents a distributor (and thus the brewery, who is required by law to use a distributor) from refusing to sell a product to any licensed retailer that places an order for a given brewery’s beer, regardless of other concerns for the product’s well-being. We have decided that the enforcement of this law is contradictory to our business plan and our core values…

The brewery declined to give more details when reached for comment.

What we can conclude is that¬†Burial Beer wants to deny sale of their product to a retailer or retailers, based on their preference, or concern on how the product is sold or served. However, state law in South Carolina states that neither Burial, nor Advintage (Burial’s distributor) can deny anyone the sale that orders the beer. This inability to refuse sales goes against Burial Beer’s business plan.

Due to this, we can only conclude that for this reason they are parting ways with South Carolina until the laws in this respect, change.

We want to thank the team at Advintage and their employees who each put in countless hours readying distribution in SC. We will continue to monitor the state laws and hope to be distributing down south someday in the future.
We’re pouring one out for you SC. We will miss you.

Burial Beer Co. is available in North Carolina, and very recently added Georgia distribution. No new distribution territories have been disclosed at the time of this article.