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Budweiser’s Marketing Team Trashes New Fruit: Watermelon

My mother always told me to be careful who you step on to be successful.

First it was a shot at peach pumpkin ale in a Super Bowl commercial, that ran just days after AB-InBev purchased craft brewery Elysian. A brewery that actually brewed a peach pumpkin ale they called out in the multi-millon dollar commercial spot.

Today, the shit-talking marketing team at Anheuser-Busch is targeting watermelon wheat. As you can imagine, 21st Amendment, and their many fans, have taken offense.

While it’s not a Super Bowl spot, it looks like the marketing dollars are paying off. Everyone is talking about it right?

Just check the replies to 21A on Twitter…

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5 thoughts on “Budweiser’s Marketing Team Trashes New Fruit: Watermelon

    • No kidding!

      Are Budweiser’s ad managers living on a planet that’s 15 years behind the rest of the beer drinking world?

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