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Bud Light Platinum Brewing Expanded To Keep Up

The demand for Bud Light Platinum is quite high.  The sales of the blue bottle beer have outpaced the brewery’s expectations.   The brewery is expanding production of the new brand to three breweries.  That’s St.  Louis, Columbus (OH), and Fort Collins, Colorado starting in June.

We’re optimistic we have a winner on our hands with Bud Light Platinum,” said Luiz Edmond, zone president, North America, Anheuser-Busch. “Trial and repeat purchases have been tremendous since the first ads aired during the Super Bowl, and while supplies were tight in the first few months, having to double the number breweries producing Bud Light Platinum is a great problem to have.”

The first Platinum bottle rolled out of Cartersville, Georgia and Los Angeles, California in January.  The Bud Light Platinum launch has been one of the strongest launches in the alcohol industry since 2005.  [PressRelease]