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Bud Competing With Miller & Heineken With Refillable Draft Mark System

Budweiser Draftmark System

Miller has one, Heineken has one.  Home draft systems.  Packaging you buy and take home (in larger formats, multiple liters of beer) to your fridge.  The system keeps the beer pressurized so as not to go flat.  Seriously, I’m sure you get the idea.

The Draftmark System will hold a full gallon of your yellow fizzies, and keep the beer fresh and pressured for 30 days.   Now this info is a little raw, as AB will release some very official press releases as time approaches.  There will also be one for Bass (See below.)  These (Bud & Bass, Shock Top labels) are the artwork for the refills. Speculation: There will be 2 price points for the packaging – full kit, and the refill bottles.

Heineken’s Draft System

Miller Draft System

The New Bass System By A-B (Refill)

New Shock Top System By A-B (Refill)


5 thoughts on “Bud Competing With Miller & Heineken With Refillable Draft Mark System

  1. You do realize that it is not “draft” beer.   The beer for the DraftMark system is pasteurized beer.   It is “flash” pasteurized.  Have you noticed it is not in the coolers at most of the places it is sold?   Good indication that it is pasteurized.  The beer is put through a heated tube to pasteurize it.   You may as well buy bottled beer, because it is the same thing.

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