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Challenging the hoppy haze craze, the “clear IPA” is officially here

Against the Grain Any IPA

“The haze craze” has taken the beer industry by storm. The turbid, cloudy, New England IPA, powered by social media, is now being brewed coast to coast and even abroad. The Brewers Association has even added the hazy IPA as an official style.

Over the winter, Massachusetts based Jack’s Abby crossed paths with Against The Grain Brewery from Kentucky. Like damn near everyone else in the beer industry right now, the hazy IPA/New England IPA came up in conversation.

It started as a joke, and now it’s very real. Meet the “clear IPA”.


Against The Grain teamed up with Springdale Beer, the experimental wing of Jack’s Abby, to create the antithesis of the hazy IPA trend – an IPA that pours nearly as clear as water. No murky glasses of beer that resemble orange juice found here. Why not, right? After all, Crystal Pepsi is a real thing.

How the brewing teams did it is still a secret. However, the result (pardon the pun) is clear. The opposite of the hazy IPA now exists in the world, and it’s called Any IPA.

Incidentally, Any IPA is the first canned collaboration for Springdale. The clear IPA is on tap now at both Against the Grain and Springdale breweries, as well as their distribution areas.

Image: Springdale Beer

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Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union

Jack's Abby Hoponius Union

Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union

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Jack’s Abby Expands to Rhode Island

Jack’s Abby Brewing (Framingham, MA) is extending their distribution to Rhode Island. The brewery has signed a distribution agreement with Atlantic Importing Company. Atlantic is a new venture of Atlantic Importing based in Massachusetts.

“Our fans in Rhode Island have requested our beer for a while now, and we’re happy to deliver,” said Sam Hendler, Co-Owner, Sales, “We couldn’t be more excited to get out lagers into the state in time for the spring and summer seasons.”

Jack’s Abby’s year-round offerings head to The Ocean State, including Hoponius Union, Mass Rising, Leisure Time, Jabby Brau and Smoke & Dagger, and specialty offerings, like Sunny Ridge Pilsner. 

The first delivery is scheduled for April 21st.

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Jack’s Abby Expands to Eastern Pennsylvania

Jack’s Abby Brewing (Framingham, MA) is expanding their distribution to eastern Pennsylvania. The brewery has signed a distribution deal with Shangy’s.

The brewery’s year-round offerings (Hoponius Union, Mass Rising, Leisure Time, Jabby Brau and Smoke & Dagger), and seasonal and specialty brews including Framinghammer, Saxonator and Calyptra starting in April, 2015.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Shangy’s and expand into the Pennsylvania market,” said Sam Hendler, co-Owner and Head of Sales, “We believe Pennsylvania beer drinkers will be intrigued and pleased by our unique offering of craft lagers.”

Jack’s Abbey is currently available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and parts of Vermont.

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Jack’s Abby Brewing Announces Expansion

Jack’s Abby Brewing (Framingham, MA) has announced a larger facility in the downtown area.

The new facility will be 67,000 square feet, much larger than the current 12,000 square foot area. When the new production facility opens in late 2015, this will allow the brewery to enter nearby Connecticut, New York State, and Vermont. In addition to brewing equipment upgrades, the facility is earmarked for a canning line, tasting room and restaurant.

Jack’s Abby’s new facility boasts a maximum capacity of 125,000 barrels (3.8 million gallons annually.) The brewery was founded in 2011.

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Jack’s Abby Will Release Six Winter Lagers

Jack’s Abby (Framingham, MA) will release six new lagers this winter, starting this month. Below is a list of all six, with the brewery’s descriptions of each.

Red Tape Lager: This beer is a throwback of sorts. A nod to the beginning, when we were navigating the labyrinth of brewery licensing and state regulations to get Jack’s Abby Brewing launched. When we got the green light, we also got the inspired with the perfect name for our pilot brew. A traditional style Dunkel, Red Tape Lager is amber in color and has a full, malty flavor. This is the first time Red Tape has been brewed since 2011.  December release. ABV 5%, IBUs 25.

trIPL: trIPL is a massively hopped Triple India Style Lager with a deep copper color and full body. Intensely aromatic with hints of pine and citrus, our special warm hopping process help the Columbus, Chinook and Citra hops dominate, giving the beer a bitter back and a long, complex finish. December release. ABV 10%, IBUs 100.

Bride Maker: An ode to two brewery staffers tying the knot this year, Bride Maker is a lager wine aged in bourbon barrels previously used for our Barrel-Aged Framinghammer Baltic Porter. Lengthy aging allows the 13% ABV to mellow and develop a deep vanilla, almost honey-like sweetness and plum-like dark fruit flavors. Be warned—this beer is a sipper! December release (.5L bottles only). ABV 13%.

Saxonator: A dark, strong interpretation of a double bock, Saxonator is full-bodied with a raisin-y dark fruit, slightly roasted and chewy malt character. Lagered for two months, a smooth malt character balances the high ABV of this beer. Saxonator is brewed with MA grain. February release. ABV 9%, IBUs  25.

Framinghammer: Big, bold and black. A lengthy conditioning period creates a silky smooth chocolatey mouth feel enhanced by the use of oats and brown sugar. Noticeable sweetness is balanced by roasted malt and hop bitterness. February release. ABV 10%, IBUs 55.

House Lager: Landbier, AKA “House Lager,” pulls inspiration from the numerous country lagers or landbiers found in Franconia. Don’t let the name House Lager fool you—sweet and golden with a full, malty body—this is a special beer for year-round enjoyment.

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