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BrewDog Enters the Spirits Biz

We are going to have to sit down and think about all the breweries that are starting to distill their own spirits, alongside brewing beer. Scottish brewer BrewDog is the latest to do so, and this time the spirit is created from beer. Watt Dickie (named for the brewery founders), is a 35% ice distilled beer, that is in a category of it’s own.

The brewery calls Watt Dickie a “bastard love child of the process that goes into making Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bizmarck, and The End of History all exceeding 30% ABV. To obtain such high levels, BrewDog freezes off excess water leaving the alcohol behind. The base beer is an “insanely amplified” IPA that undergoes a patent pending freezing alchemy to create the final product.

It is meant to be enjoyed as a spirit. Drink it on the rocks or neat, your choice.