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Brewdog Opening The Door To Investors



Brewdog Brewing (Fraserburgh, Scotland) expected to open door to investors this week.   James Watt mentioned over the weekend that the brewery has sold some shares recently, and Brewdog would be seeking some fresh funds.  From the sound of it, only European investors will be entertained.

According to Business.Scotsman, 1300 investors bought shares in the brewery in 2009 which raised £600,000 (950,000 U.S.) to fund brewery additions/expansions.  That number is slightly less than what James Watt & Martin Dickie were seeking.

I’m sure by now you have heard of Tactical Nuclear Penguin & Sink The Bismarck – Some of the strongest beers in the world.  Brewdog announced a few weeks ago some brewery additions & improvements. <BusinessScotsman>

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