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Breckenridge Brewing Lands Exclusive Rights To Use Stranahan’s Name

A couple of months ago we learned that Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey was cutting off the supply of its whiskey barrels to brewers outside of the state of Colorado and that they would no longer allow anyone to use their name on these barrel aged beers’ bottles.  Well, Breckenridge Brewing has worked out an exclusive deal to be the only brewer in the nation to be allowed to use the Stranahan’s name on their beer bottles.  Other Colorado breweries can still use the barrels, but not the name.

The first beer that Breckenridge Brewing will introduce since striking this deal will be called Stranahan’s Well-Built ESB, borrowing the whiskey maker’s catch phrase for the name.  The ESB is currently aging in 20 whiskey barrels and will continue to do so for 3 months.  Stranahan’s Well-Built ESB will be released in February of next year in 750ml bottles.  The first batch of 200 cases will only be distributed in CO, but Breckenridge Brewing is set to produce 1,250 cases by fall of 2013.

Stranahan’s, who happens to be a close neighbor to Breckenridge Brewing (just down the street), went to them asking Breckenridge to help them make a beer.  This neighborly collaboration is mutually beneficial.  It allows Stranahan’s to have some control over what is done with their high quality product and it strengthens Breckenridge Brewing’s reputation and proves that they are still one of the best along with other nearby breweries such as Oskar Blues, Avery Brewing, and Great Divide[Breckenridge Brewing]

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