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Boulevard Imperial Stout Tart Cherry Coming to “X” Series

Boulevard Imperial Stout X Tart Cherry

Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Tart Cherry will soon join the brewery’s Imperial Stout X Series this year. Each release the series uses an imperial stout, and changes the recipe with coffee, chocolate, peppers and more.

Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Tart Cherry uses the key ingredient cherries, and a little lactic acid souring for a new blend of dark and tart.

As a special treat for lovers of big, complex stouts, Boulevard Brewing Company offers the 2015 Imperial Stout “X” series. The “X” factor stands for key ingredients added to each of several different limited releases planned throughout the year. This edition spotlights the addition of tart cherries in fermentation, as well as lactic souring on the brewhouse, marrying robust, smoky maltiness to bracing tartness.

Boulevard Imperial Stout X – Tart Cherry will be available in 750 milliliter bottles. Recent releases include Imperial Stout Aztec Chocolate, and Coffee.

StyleImperial Stout (w/ Cherries)
Availability: 750ml Bottles, Corked & Caged. Draft.
Release: TBA

11% ABV

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