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Boulevard to Begin $12 Million Expansion

Boulevard Brewing Company (Kansas City, MO) will soon break ground on a $12 million dollar expansion. The project, dubbed “Cellar Five” will include added fermentation space, new building structures.

Boulevard is adding six 1,000 barrel fermenters (186,000 gallons of extra space) and an 8,400 square foot, two story process building. In the end, the brewery’s capacity will increase over 40% to 300,000 barrels (9.3 million gallons of beer) annually.

A $2.5 million dollar effluent equalization system and filtration centrifuge is also on order.

“We’ve been planning Cellar Five for the better part of two years,” said Mike Utz, Director of Engineering. “It’s an exciting and challenging project, as it will house our largest fermentation tanks to date. The new structures will complement the appearance of the adjacent Cellar Three, with design elements drawn from our Brewhouse Two building.”

Kansas City-based Rau Construction ,CRB Engineers, and PMA Engineering will work on the expansion project. Brewery/fermentation equipment will be supplied by Krones AG.

The expansion should be completed in mid-2015.