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Bottle Tree Brewing Adding “Red”

Bottle Tree Brewing (Tryon, NC) has but one offering at the moment – Bottle Tree Blonde.  The brewery (contracted through Thomas Creek) looks to be adding a 2nd beer soon – Red.

What is Bottle Tree?   The name is derived from a dying southern tradition:

The bottle tree, once a common sight in the South, dates back to 9th century Congo where hanging handblown glass was a talisman against evil.  Branches were stripped of foliage, then covered with colorful glass bottles.  Mesmerized by the color play of sunlight, evil spirits were lured and ensnared, their moans heard whistling on the breeze… 

Bottle Tree Brewing is distributed in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arkansas, and D.C.

Availability: 12oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

7.5% ABV