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Bols Genever And Stillwater Bring You A Beer And A Shot

Ever heard of the Dutch Kopstootje experience?  You probably don’t think so, but more than likely you have – it is the concept of a beer and a shot.  Translated into “little head butt”, Kopstootje can be found in every bar in Holland. Typically you would receive a tulip glass filled up with Bols Genever for sipping alongside a beer.

Lucas Bols has teamed up with American Craft Brewer Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales to educate the American public on the concept of Kopstootje.  Stillwater is brewing a saison style ale, called Stillwater Artisanal Kopstootje, that will be a deconstruction of Bols Genever brewed with barley, wheat, rye, corn, and spices.

When completed, the Stillwater brew and distilled spirit will go on a seven city US tour.  Brian Strumke of Stillwater and Tal Nadari and Jacob Grier of Bols Genever will travel the country with their beer and spirit pairing teaching guests about the flavor profiles.


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