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Bell’s Sues The State Over Keg Laws

Bell’s Brewing is suing the state of Michigan.  A complaint was filed last week about a new law pertaining to kegs.

Under the new law, the state of Michigan requires an ID tag to be attached to each keg when they are sold. If the tag isn’t attached to the keg when it is returned, the buyer faces fines and jail time. (YES! JAILTIME)  Lawidiots, err.. lawmakers propose this cuts down on underage drinking.   Larry Bell believes that this has negative repercussions for the microbrewing industry.

It lessens the incentive to return kegs to the brewery, and could restrict who can purchase.   [WWMT]

2 thoughts on “Bell’s Sues The State Over Keg Laws

    • I totally agree.  This would have absolutely zero impact on underage drinking.  Seriously, lawmakers are the reason that there’s even a “thrill” for minors to drink alcohol in the first place so clearly they are missing something and failing miserably at keeping it under control.

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