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Bell’s Hopslam… Lands TODAY!

Hopslam has definitely been the buzz over the past week.  Looks like your wait is over.  I got to talk to Larry Bell about how excited a lot of people seemed to finally get in it in Atlanta and he was humbled.   He was also definitely unaware Hopslam had become a trending topic on Twitter.  Well, looks like your patience has paid off.  Your day is today.   Check @AtlBeerMaster on Twitter for sightings.  Cheers!

It’s finally coming… Bell’s Hopslam.   Hopheads, rejoice.

For those of you that don’t know, Hopslam has gotten a bit of a cult following over time.   It’s a double IPA or Imperial IPA released seasonally, and is very limited.  Bell’s only produces this beer for a little over a month and half each year.   In many cities, it sells out fast, leaving many people without.

The name pretty much tells you what to expect — a Hopslam.   This beer has an absolutely fantastic hop aroma.  If you love the smell of hops, you are definitely in the right place.  Expect piney and grapefruit hop tones on your palette.  While it has a slight bitter finish, Hopslam really reminds you first and foremost that hops are a flower.

Hopslam is 10% ABV.   It averages about $15 dollars a 6 pack of 12 oz bottles.  Limited draft offerings soon.   Due to snow basically all over the U.S., Hopslam is about a week behind it’s expected Georgia arrival.

UPDATE 1/19/10 – It was more than just snow that was delaying Hopslam.  After speaking with the brewery, there were some yield issues too.   Their goal was at least 15% more this year to meet a greater demand.  Hopslam shipped yesterday/last night and will make its debut in bottle and draft Thursday/Friday (1/21, 1/22.)