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Bell’s Debuts New Spiegelau Wheat Glass

Bell’s Brewery (Comstock, MI) has teamed up with Austrian glassware maker, Spiegelau, to create a glass perfect for American wheat beers and witbiers.

The approach was to create special glass that enhances the experience of the beer style (similar to the IPA glass.) Bell’s worked closely with Riedel owner Georg Riedel and Spiegelau vice president Matthew Rutkowski in addition to brewery experts, going over 50 different glasses for this project.

“As with previous workshops, we challenged conventional thinking and presumption of what a wheat beer glass should look like. … The new glass works to bring faint aromas into sharp focus,” Rutkowski said.

Now Bell’s and Spiegelau proudly unveil the Wheat Glass, a well crafted glass for the wheat beer (and craft beer) enthusiast. Perfect for Bell’s Winter White, and of course Bell’s Oberon in the spring/summer.

The Wheat Glass features:

  • Large, voluminous bowl harnesses and retains the delicate aromas of this beer style
  • Open bottom glass base drives beer and aromatic foam upward into main bowl
  • Ultra-pure quartz material makes for unsurpassed clarity and flawless, true color presentation of wheat beer
  • Tapered, conical bowl provides superior flow to mid palate, improving the taste, mouth feel and finish of wheat beers of all varieties
  • Stark, angular shape and open base creates dramatic visual cascading effect into glass as beer is poured.

The Bell’s Wheat Glass is on sale now on sale at A special event will take place at the Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on November 18th.