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Bell’s Brewery Sales Rumors Circulate

MLive dropped a bit of a rumor bomb this morning.  Bell’s Brewery could be sold.  What?  Well the sale depends on the outcome minority shareholder negotiations.

About $22 million has been spent on the brewhouse and renovating the Eccentric Cafe in downtown Kalamazoo, but the rest of the project is on hold as the company tries to save money in an attempt to buy out 11 of the 14 shareholders, Bell said.

The decision could come as early as this fall, as negotiations continue.  Larry Bell of course owns majority stake in the brewery, along with his two children.

“If it was just a family business, there would be legal maneuvers we could make that would facilitate that kind of transfer across generations. With its current structure, I’m not able to do those sorts of things. It would basically leave us in the position of selling the company upon my death.”

 Full article over at MLive.  By the looks of it, this is all speculation at this point.  Larry Bell has a lot of meetings coming up before any of this becomes real.