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Bells 750ml Bottles Launch June 27th

Bell’s Brewing released details regarding their new 750ml program today.  The bombers launch on June 27th exclusively at Eccentric Cafe in Kalamazoo, MI starting with Wedding Ale.  Per Bells:

Bell’s Brewery is excited to announce the debut of our Eccentric Cafe 750 ml bottle program beginning this summer. As we do not fill growlers at our pub, we want to make our pub only beers available for customers to take home and we feel that offering these brands in the 750 ml format is a great way to do this! These bottles will only be sold at the General Store in downtown Kalamazoo and will not be available for distribution as packaging runs will be small, making outside sales fairly impractical.  Over the next few months, we plan on bottling a wide variety of our pub only beers including Wedding Ale, Raspberry Ale, Mead, Sparkling Ale, and Wild One (just to start). Other brands will follow suit as they are brewed and labels are created. There will not be a set release schedule for when 750s will hit the General Store, however the program will kick off on Monday, June 27th with bottles of Wedding Ale. There also may be limits as to how many bottles can be purchased depending on the brand. We are looking forward to making these specialty beers available to leave the Eccentric Cafe in bottle for the very first time! Cheers!