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Beer Street Journal Video: Meet Alabama’s Avondale Brewing Co.

There is a an elephant theme to Avondale Brewing Co. in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The reason dates back over a hundred years. Local legend says a local circus owner lost a game of cards, and Avondale won “Miss Fancy” the elephant. The building that now holds the brewery has as much history as the city, once housing a bank, a post office, firehouse and saloon – with a purported brothel. Even more local legend states the the brewery is haunted by “Meredith,” a previous resident of said house of ill repute.

With all this rich and interesting history at Avondale’s fingertips, it made sense to honor it with beer. A-dale’s lineup is quite diverse, which includes Battlefield IPA, Spring Street Saison, and Miss Fancy’s Tripel, and even more fun seasonals like No Joka Mocha and Strawberry Kolsch. Many of these coming to bottles this year.

Craig Shaw, head brewer took a moment with Beer Street Journal at Avondale. Trunks up!