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Beer Street Journal Video: Inside DuClaw’s New Brewery

I can only imagine the feel you get when you have such a demand for your beer that you have build a new brewery. That is… until you have to pay for it. Regardless, there is a good vibe surrounding Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing as they move into their new facility.

The old location is a mere 10,000 square feet, where the brewery housed their bottling line and brewhouse. They have completely maxed out production at 7,000 barrels (217,000 gallons) annually. The new digs you see in the video are a few miles down the road in Abingdon, in much larger 60,000 square foot facility. There, they can produce twice the amount of beer a year – 14,000 barrels (437,000 gallons) right from the start.

Now with some breathing room, DuClaw can fill distribution in their existing ship-to states РVirginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.  Other markets are in the works, but nothing immediately planned.