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Beer For Breakfast. I thought it was normal.

New Zealand based MOA Brewing was either being funny or serious, but people aren’t laughing.

To top it all off, the beer debuts this Thursday at 7 am.  The beer itself is a cherry flavored lager, sweet enough for breakfast.  Why have champagne? Have a beer instead.  While it is completely your right to have a beer with breakfast, New Zealand’s National Addiction Center calls the beer irresponsible.  Personally, I don’t need to motivated to have a beer with breakfast.  I choose to.  <NZHerald>

One thought on “Beer For Breakfast. I thought it was normal.

  1. Ha!

    I’ve recently been getting into Porter’s and they always strike me as something that would go great with a hearty breakfast. So, a couple weeks ago I put this theory to the My girlfriend was out of town so I called in a pick up order at Waffle House (not high end, but whattya gonna do?) and on my way to pick it up I bought a Sam Smith Taddy Porter to go with it.

    Greatest start to the day ever. Of course, following it up with a 2 hour nap didn’t hurt.

    Long story short, Beer is definitely what’s for breakfast.

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