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Beer Doesn’t Cause Beer Belly, Just Overall Fatness

This is science at work.  You’ve heard the term “beer belly” enough times to make you think twice when it comes to that last pint.  Good (ish) news, beer might not be directly associated with that gut.  A recent German study finds that beer doesn’t seem to be “site specific” when it comes to weight gain.

Madlen Schütze at the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke and other like minded colleagues formed a beer/science alliance to do a once and for all gut-check.  The group studied over 20,000 beer drinking men and women- their consumption, changes in waists, chests, legs, butts, etc.  Their conclusion?  Beer leads to overall fatness, not just a “gut.”   The belly expands proportional to the overall gain in bodyweight.   I guess overall fat it is. [Guardian]