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Baltimore’s Newest Oktoberfest In Bottles, Mad Bischop

Duclaw Brewing has bottled Mad Bishop, an Oktoberfest for the first time.  Available today.

Haunting the congregation with its distinct copper color and rich toasted malt flavor, this true German-style Octoberfest lager is smooth in body and uses German hops in the brewing process to balance out the distinctive, toasted malt sweetness. The clean smoothness is created by the long conditioning (lagering) process of 8 weeks, which is something they don’t talk about in Sunday school.Oktoberfest

Hop: Tettanang, Hallertau
Malts:Vienna malt, Munich malt, Caramunich, Victory

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Harford, Carroll, Howard, and Baltimore counties and Baltimore City!

5.8% ABV, 24 IBUs